Published on

14 09 2023

FIFA Forward Development Programme – Cycle 3.0

Following two iterations of the FIFA Forward Programme with Cycle 1.0 and 2.0, FIFA has launched the forward Cycle 3.0 since January 2023, providing a more comprehensive funding and support for football development projects across the world than ever before. In fact, all 211 member associations, including the Mauritius Football Association (MFA), benefit from FIFA FORWARD support.

The Forward 3.0 is a four-year cycle that will end in 2026 and represents an increase in football development investment of almost 30% and is a direct consequence of the reinforced governance and financial situation of the new FIFA since 2016.

FIFA FORWARD also supports the vision of the FIFA President, Mr. Gianni Infantino, in making football truly global and increasing the global competitiveness of the sport, the results of which have been evident in the recent FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

With FIFA’s aim to assist its Members Association in developing and supporting football in their respective country, the MFA will definitely continue to develop and grow the game locally in every aspect and ultimately, help to provide more support to national clubs, enhance the level of Mauritian football and create more talent for the country in the years to come.