The Mauritius Football Association Referees department has a team of dedicated professionals, engaged in the administration, recruitment, development and education of all local referees.

The department is responsible for appointing the referees and assistant referees for national league games and the Cup competitions.

The Mauritius Football Association has also a list of notable FIFA International Referees who are regularly selected to officiate in International Competitions.

Every Thursday, rigorous fitness test are conducted for our Referees at the seat of the football association, under the supervision of highly qualified FIFA Referee Physical Instructors.

Refeereeing Department


The MFA Referees Department:

Chairman- A. Jamansing

Vice Chairman - F. Bhewa

Head of Department - I. B. Fanny

Secretary- P. Nunkoo


  1. R. Ramphul
  2. S. Changea
  3. E. Simisse
  4. R. Furjun
Committee Members - Referee Department

Referee Course Application Form

(When Applicable)

Course Application Form