Coach Education

CAF Coaching Convention Structure

The CAF has a clear pathway that coaches need to take to obtain formal qualifications in the field. Consequently, the CAF Coaching Courses, partnered with The Mauritius Football Association (MFA) are designed to provide standardized qualifications for local coaches.

According to the guidelines and structure which are in place, coaching qualifications are categorized into different pathways, starting with the CAF License D with a 60 hours formation.

CAF, together with the MFA, organize coaching seminars locally  on a regular basis and turned to highly expert instructors to deliver those educational courses. The main objective is to ensure that our local coaches possess the relevant license to perform their duties.

The MFA understands that having certified coaches will help to elevate the level of our football. Therefore, these workshops serve as a platform to assess the coaches and to encourage more professionalism into the art of coaching, aiming to reach a high professional standards.

There are a variety of courses which are offered and upon completion of each course, coaches gain leadership skills and professional development.

The Coach Pathway



The Technical Department of the MFA, in preparation for 2020/2021 season has published its Action plan for the 2021 – 2022.  Having already completed a number of courses and activities for this year despite the difficult situation caused by the Covid-19, the Technical department will run other courses and football activities for the year 2022, such as the CAF/MFA License D course, CAF C Refresher course, FIFA Grassroots course, Grassroots Football festivals for both boys and girls and the regional youth & senior competition. However, it is important to note that this revised action plan is subject to modification and the running of courses and activities will also depend on the situation regarding the Covid-19 pandemic.

Coaching Course Calendar

The Mauritius Football Association (MFA) delivers a wide range of courses throughout the view. We are dedicated to providing quality experiences for the wider community of Mauritian coaches in order to assist them in their development in the field.

It is the purpose of the MFA to encourage the healthy growth of our coaches as they learn the fundamentals of coaching.

Terms & Conditions

The Mauritius Football Association will not discriminate against any person(s) seeking the opportunity to register and participate in any course/ workshop/ formation.

The MFA collects information from coaching applicants for the purposes of determining eligibility and suitability, and to ensure the safety of our participants.

Please fill out ALL information requested.

By enrolling for a course, you agree to follow all rules and regulations as set forth by MFA.

Please direct all inquiries about this application form to the MFA on: (230) 4652200 or at:

Mauritius Football Association

Sepp Blatter Football House

Trianon, Mauritius

Coaching Course Application

High Performance Centre

The Mauritius Football Association designed an intensive and holistic program to promote the highest values of football and to develop players’ tactical, technical, mental and physical skills. The program will also be beneficial in terms of educational, like skills and socio-economic programs. The center caters for both boys and girls under 13, under 15, under 17 and under 20.

The program is in accordance with the FIFA and CAF convention; that is to identify and encourage talented boys and girls to attend training under the supervision of CAF/MFA qualified coached. Added to that, the boys and girls receive specialized training in the physical and goalkeeping department.

Besides, the partnership between the MFA and Benfica of Portugal will also allow these young players to showcase their potential locally and internationally. The High-Performance Center is also considered to be the center of Coach-Education, Youth football, Grassroots, Women in football, Talent Identification and preparation for all National Teams.

About the MFA HPC
HPC U17 Boys
HPC U15 Boys
HPC U13 Boys
HPC U20 Girls
HPC U17 Girls

Youth Football

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Youth Football (Boys-Girls)




As per the CAF Convention, a Talent Identification exercise is organized by the Mauritius Football Association every year. It is a process of recognizing young local players by their potential to become future elite players. This programme involves its High-Performance Coaches and administrators’ staff of the MFA. The detection is done in three phases for both boys and girls aged between U-13 to U-17, who are provided with a suitable learning and training environment, under the supervision of the MFA coaches and technical staffs, so that they have the opportunity to realize their potential.

Now, with the start of 8-years of technical partnership sign with the Sport Lisboa e Benfica, which will see the full-time presence of a Benfica's technical coordinator, Professor Francisco Silveira Ramos, in Mauritius, the MFA will have a reliable and leading partner in identifying young talent and help them in their development with new methodologies for the coming years.

Talent Identification Programme 2021

In 2021, the Talent Identification exercise was done in January on a period of 3 weeks, at the MFA House, where around 300 young players coming from different regions of Mauritius were invited to show their talent. With the high number of participants, the Talent Identification programme was a great success.

The objective was to identify talented boys and girls while watching them compete through various fitness test, match situation and then, assess their performance.

The Technical Director of the MFA, Zunaid Mall, has laid emphasis on the training approach and on preparing a U-15 and U-17 teams for the upcoming COSAFA, UFFOI, CJSOI and Regional competitions.

The Mauritius Football Association has expressed its appreciation towards the efforts of the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Recreation, all the Regional Technical Centers, Academies and Football schools around the island as well as all the coaches working earnestly and collectively for the promotion of youth football.

Talent Identification Programme

Women In Football


Women League in Mauritius